Tuesday, October 30, 2012


So Halloween is tomorrow! I am so excited as it is my favorite holiday & my baby's first Halloween! It is also my fathers birthday who I love so much, and this is another year that I will not be able to spend it with him, but I know he knows I wish him the best. With that being said. Have you guys gotten your costumes? As for me I do not have a costume but little man does. Well it's not a costume but more of a footed I onesie that's a bear. So he's going to be a bear. I will post pictures tomorrow or the next day to show you all. As for the giveaway don't forget to sign up to win a crochet creation of your choice from me! Have a wonderful & safe Halloween everyone.

                                             XOXO Paloma
Babys first halloween as a bear


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Update 10/23

Good morning everyone! How are all of you doing? I hope you're all well. Since I last announced the birth of my son, he turned one week on Saturday! Time really does go by fast as everyone says! The good news is that he is such a good baby! He only wakes up one time at night & he's not fussy at all (other than for the normal things). So remember all those crochet things I made for him? Well, I haven't been able to put any of those on him because they're too big! When I made them the sizes were for a newborn but he's just so small they don't fit.. Not even his newborn clothes fit him, they fit him big! So since its been cold for the past dew days here in California, I started making him a sized crochet beanie because burr, it's cold! I will post a pic of him with the beanie as soon as I'm done! In another note my husband and i are working on birth announcements/invitations to a welcome baby shower, since I did not have a normal baby shower due to my likings. I figured there will be people who were going to want to meet him once born and since I don't live were all our family does, I didn't want to schedule "meetings" with everyone. I gave myself a timeline for tomorrow to finish & mail them.. Wish me luck!!!!  Thanks everyone for reading!

                               XOXO     Paloma

Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Wonderful Surprise/giveaway

Hey everyone. I'm not sure how many of you there is but I can see some of you are reading. I want to do a giveaway for Christmas of one item whatever you want, but I need you guys to subscribe in order to do this. So SUBSCRIBE!

With that being said since I last wrote to you guys, guess who decided it was time to come? That's right! I had my baby boy this weekend!!! I am super happy he's a healthy baby boy weighed in at 6 pounds 1 oz & was 18 inches long. He's such a good baby! Labor was super fast & tiring but well worth it! So I leave you all with this pic of him!
Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for a chance to win a crochet creation of your choice!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Christmas is coming!!!!!

Remember when you were celebrating and bringing the new year 2012? Wow! 2013 is fast approaching! & because of that I will be making Santa/Elf crochet hats! I am putting them this early for you all to order because my due date is coming and I want to have time to make them all as I already got orders for them from friends! The pictures I will post I googled because I have not started them I am waiting for the size they need to start them. As soon as I make one I will remove those pics and post mine. They will be available in any size and in Red or Pink also considering putting Mickey/Minnie mouse ears and if its a Minnie hat it can include a bow. For babies I will also have the diaper cover available. If you are interested check out my "Items For Sale" page for information on how to order. Thank you for reading and write ya soon!!!! HAPPY ORDERING!

These are the hats! Don't wait and order now!!!!!!!!
P.S. I made a matching diaper cover for one of the beanies I posted in an earlier blog post and here's a pic. This one does not have any buttons simply because I just didn't want to pt one in but I can put buttons in.. here it is!!!! (Also available for sale)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Nightmare Before Christmas' Jack Skellington Crochet Beanie

So yesterday I started this Baby Boy Jack Skellington Beanie. I am a HUGE fan of Nightmare Before Christmas and its really hard to find things for babies. With that being said I started it and by the time I got tired I left it like this......
So, to my choice, I left the top tip or made it like this because I want to put a Pom-Pom in, but I thought I'd show you guys in case you are interested in a flat beanie, it will look similar to this. This one is made to be for a 0-3 month old but I can make them adult sizes as well. if you are interested go to my items for sale page.
I have yet to add the pom-pom but I added the ear flaps as well as the braids. This one will be available on my for sale page the price will range depending on size. Prices will be discussed on that page.
If you know Jack Skellington you know he wears a bow tie. So I made one too. Again, this is a 0-3 month old bow tie but can make any size also available for sale.
This is a set I put together for this beanie, each item can be bought separately. Hope you guys liked it!!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

My Crochet Creations

Since the last time I blogged I have been working a lot more on my crocheting. I have made many more things that I would like to share on here. I even sold my first beanie. I do sell these items and have figured out how to make them in adult sizes (some not all). I will post pictures and put pricing as well as which ones I am able to make in any size!
Minnie Mouse Crochet Beanie. This was my first Sale! (Adult size available) 

Crochet Chunky Baby Boy Beanie with Earflaps (Adult size available)
Baby Girl set of booties & Beanie with earflaps (Adult size available on beanie)
Baby Boy Crocchet Boots with Button
Adult size Crown crochet headband
Baby girl ugg Crochet booties with headband set (headband sold seperately also and any size)