Friday, October 12, 2012

Christmas is coming!!!!!

Remember when you were celebrating and bringing the new year 2012? Wow! 2013 is fast approaching! & because of that I will be making Santa/Elf crochet hats! I am putting them this early for you all to order because my due date is coming and I want to have time to make them all as I already got orders for them from friends! The pictures I will post I googled because I have not started them I am waiting for the size they need to start them. As soon as I make one I will remove those pics and post mine. They will be available in any size and in Red or Pink also considering putting Mickey/Minnie mouse ears and if its a Minnie hat it can include a bow. For babies I will also have the diaper cover available. If you are interested check out my "Items For Sale" page for information on how to order. Thank you for reading and write ya soon!!!! HAPPY ORDERING!

These are the hats! Don't wait and order now!!!!!!!!
P.S. I made a matching diaper cover for one of the beanies I posted in an earlier blog post and here's a pic. This one does not have any buttons simply because I just didn't want to pt one in but I can put buttons in.. here it is!!!! (Also available for sale)

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