Thursday, August 8, 2013

How much is too much?

Can you guys believe that my baby is almost one? I can't believe it! It's gone way too fast! 

I've started to plan his birthday party little by little because I know time flies and I want things to be perfect! As far as my husband goes though... He's just questioning the fact if I'm going "over the top" with it. Which in my eyes I'm not, I feel he just thinks that because I want decorations, favor bags, and center pieces. Which are common in birthdays right? I've seen really nice parties for babies first birthday and if I can do that for my son why not? 

Because we live far away from family we chose to do the party closer to them. At first I wanted to rent a place but when I saw that my husband wasn't into it I quickly changed it to a park party. Then, he got on board. We are looking to only invite family and our closest friends.

The theme of the party will be Mickey Mouse because the little guy goes crazy every time he watches the show! I've looked at many ideas on etsy and on Pinterest. Which, by the way, are very affordable things to DIY. Ultimately I think I'm going to be able to pull it off, without spending much.

What I want to do is hear your opinion. How much is too much? What did you end up doing for your baby? Or how much are you willing to do?

We have to keep in mind that we do see all these extravagant birthday parties that celebrities throw for their children! Spending thousands and thousands of dollars! I don't expect to spend even close to one! Give me your feed back! What do you think? 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Late night thinking

As many of you may know I am taking this blog for a turn. I want to write about other things that also interest me. 

I have recently found a new love/passion for cooking! I have always enjoyed cooking but never really knew I was good at it until I got married. I comes very natural to me. I enjoy it so much that I am considering enrolling in culinary school! I hope I can do it soon, I don't go now because of my baby. I live very far from family so he'd have to be in a daycare. It's hard for me, but I will go sometime soon. 


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Update June 8 2013

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't posted anything but it's been hectic at my place I did make a couple new things but just haven't had the chance to post anything. But, I will post what I have. With that being said I think my blog will now take a turn for change here. Although I like blogging about crochet and what I make I'd like to write about other things as well. I hope you guys/ladies still like it. 

For the next pictures I'm going to post these are some baby shower gifts I've made. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

So here's what's going on

I have not finished the purse because I need to sew the bag part of it and the zipper. :( and I don't know how and I do not have a sewing machine. So I am looking into getting one, but there is so much going on that I don't have that much time.

I recently made a teal beanie (which I love the color) it looks really nice. I will be taking pictures of it soon and posting them. How was your guys' Easter, mine was treated like any other day and did a little spring cleaning with my husband. We did though, manage to get a photo session in which my son took pictures with his bunny hat I made him. They are so cute!!!! I will post those pictures as well.

I know I have so followers on google+ but that is it. I know there are people reading this but I would like to do a giveaway soon. Okay guys, talk to you soon.

If you would like me to blog about things you  can always comment!


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Almost done!

So here's the (almost) finished poptabs purse. I still need to weave in ends put the bag in, add the bottom piece and the handles. What do you guys think of it so far? I decided to sell it so, as soon as in done with it, it will be up on my etsy shop. If you are interested here's the link it won't be posted until I am done with it but, feel free to browse! If you have any questions please feel free tocontact me! I'll leave you with a picture!

Monday, March 4, 2013

What I'm working on

Here's what I have been working on. I saw my aunt a couple of weeks ago and she showed me this amazing purse she made with soda/pop tabs! It totally blew my mind on how cute it was! I made it my mission to learn!

I got together with her one evening and she told me the basics and I have been working on it since. It is extremely time consuming and because I was used to the metal it hurt my fingers. Regardless of the fact I'm still working on it. I'm not sure if I'm going to sell it or keep it. I'll leave you guys a pic to show you. The tabs are in heart shape. It's totally cute. I am going to be making more but this one I'm still not sure what to do.

On another note I just finished this fuzzy bunny beanie for my son to use for upcoming pictures.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gone but I'm back!

Sorry everyone I have been gone for quite some while from here! Being a mom is so much fun but it takes up a lot of work! My baby is 4 months old now and let me tell yu, he is a very active little one! With all the caring I'm doing and getting used to the mommy thing, I have been able to he some crochet activities in lately. Let me update you guys with what I have made and what is for sale on my etsy shop! Scroll through the pictures! Happy to be back and I'll try not to take too long to write again!