Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Nightmare Before Christmas' Jack Skellington Crochet Beanie

So yesterday I started this Baby Boy Jack Skellington Beanie. I am a HUGE fan of Nightmare Before Christmas and its really hard to find things for babies. With that being said I started it and by the time I got tired I left it like this......
So, to my choice, I left the top tip or made it like this because I want to put a Pom-Pom in, but I thought I'd show you guys in case you are interested in a flat beanie, it will look similar to this. This one is made to be for a 0-3 month old but I can make them adult sizes as well. if you are interested go to my items for sale page.
I have yet to add the pom-pom but I added the ear flaps as well as the braids. This one will be available on my for sale page the price will range depending on size. Prices will be discussed on that page.
If you know Jack Skellington you know he wears a bow tie. So I made one too. Again, this is a 0-3 month old bow tie but can make any size also available for sale.
This is a set I put together for this beanie, each item can be bought separately. Hope you guys liked it!!!!

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