Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Update 10/23

Good morning everyone! How are all of you doing? I hope you're all well. Since I last announced the birth of my son, he turned one week on Saturday! Time really does go by fast as everyone says! The good news is that he is such a good baby! He only wakes up one time at night & he's not fussy at all (other than for the normal things). So remember all those crochet things I made for him? Well, I haven't been able to put any of those on him because they're too big! When I made them the sizes were for a newborn but he's just so small they don't fit.. Not even his newborn clothes fit him, they fit him big! So since its been cold for the past dew days here in California, I started making him a sized crochet beanie because burr, it's cold! I will post a pic of him with the beanie as soon as I'm done! In another note my husband and i are working on birth announcements/invitations to a welcome baby shower, since I did not have a normal baby shower due to my likings. I figured there will be people who were going to want to meet him once born and since I don't live were all our family does, I didn't want to schedule "meetings" with everyone. I gave myself a timeline for tomorrow to finish & mail them.. Wish me luck!!!!  Thanks everyone for reading!

                               XOXO     Paloma

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